The importance of programmed cold room maintenance

Your guide to cutting cold room costs

Just like servicing your car or visiting the dentist every six months, you can save yourself a lot of pain and expense by arranging for programmed cold room maintenance BEFORE you have a problem.

Preventable breakdowns, inefficient running, or liquid refrigerant floodback are all serious problems that are all too common without proper cold room maintenance – and they can all leave you out of pocket through perished stock, higher power bills, or lost contracts from disappointed customers.

So instead of waiting until your cold room suffers a problem, it’s a far better idea to put plant maintenance in place now to keep your refrigerators running efficiently and in top condition.

Set up a cold room maintenance schedule for your business

You might think you’ll be able to see a torn and leaking seal; smell spoiling food; or hear a bearing problem in your refrigeration unit. But simply relying on your own senses could be a big mistake, since they’ll only tell you when a problem has already occurred.

You should also remember that, even though your produce may stay frozen in a walk-in freezer, your refrigeration machinery may be working much harder than it needs to because of leaking gaskets or other problems. And this inefficiency will send your business’s power bills soaring upward.

Floodback is another serious problem that can easily happen if your refrigeration unit isn’t properly maintained. If an evaporator coil freezes over, or if an evaporator fan fails because of a lack of maintenance, the refrigerant liquid won’t properly evaporate. The liquid can then return to the compressor and cause severe and expensive damage to your refrigeration system.

Consider all these issues and it’s easy to see why, if your business relies on a commercial cold room, it’s so important to arrange for programmed plant maintenance from refrigeration experts.

How often does your business need cold room maintenance?

The frequency of cold room maintenance you’ll need will depend on a number of factors. The Polar Refrigeration Services team will consider the size of your cold room; what the room is used for (whether it’s storage, production, or food preparation); and how many staff are usually present. All of these factors will affect how efficiently your refrigeration system works, and how often it will need programmed maintenance.

Talk to the commercial refrigeration maintenance experts

Don’t wait until your precious stock spoils or you get a bad Food Safety report before ensuring your cold room is working as it should.

For advice and assistance on setting up a customised cold room maintenance schedule, talk to Polar Refrigeration Services. Our expert refrigeration technicians will visit your business on-site and get a full understanding of the way you work and the tailored refrigeration maintenance you need to ensure the best results.

To arrange your on-site cold room assessment, call Polar Refrigeration Services now on 1300 736 596 or use the form to the right.


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